May 26th to June 25th
“A Taste of Pemaquid”
art show
Reception June 3rd

June 30th to July 23rd
“The Boat Show”
Reception: July 8th

July 28th to August 13th
"The Garden Show"
Reception: July28th

August 18th to Sept. 10th
"Rock 'n' Wave Show"
August 20th

Sept. 15th to October 9th
"Monhegan Days"
Reception: September 17th
October 13th to November 12th
"The 6 x 6 Show"
Reception: October 14th

November 18th to
January 2nd
Reception: November 18th


July 29th
Garden Party
The four artists of the Bristol Road Galleries invite you to a plein air garden party and sale from 10 – 6:30 p.m.  at the Kefauver Studio & Gallery

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2017 Monhegan Days Art Show
Featured Artists: George Baker, Jane Bowman, Bill Child, Midge Coleman, Dale Dapkins, Sandra Dunn, Steve Dunn, Claudia Noyes Griffiths, Hannah Ineson, Doug Johnson, Kathy Lane, Jan Kilburn, Deborah Kozak, Sally Loughridge, DiTa Ondek, Michael Soronen, Sheryl Tripp, Barbara Vanderbilt, & Nora West


Rock 'n' Wave art show
Featured Artists: Deena Ball, Gill Barclay, Jane Bowman, Marcia Brandwein, Albert Bross, Bill Child, Midge Coleman, Dale Dapkins, Sandra Dunn, Steve Dunn, Michael Fillyaw, Judith Fischer, Claudia Noyes Griffiths, Margaret Hyde, Hannah Ineson , Kathy James, Lydia Kaeyer, Jan Kilburn, Deborah Kozak, Patti Leavitt, Sally Loughridge, Nancy Lovley, Winslow Myers, Judy Nixon, Jim Nyce, DiTa Ondek, Becky Shorb, Marnie Sinclair, Cindy Spencer, Liliana Thelander, Barbara Vanderbilt, & Helen Warner

Garden Show 2017 info
Kefauver Studio & Gallery, The Boat Show 2017 web spot

A Taste of Pemaquid art show blurb


Little Holiday Show announcement

Kefauver Studio & Gallery web spot for our 6x6x6 #2 show

Our talented contributors include: Elaine Abel, Judy Bernier, Claudia Noyes Griffiths, Kathleen Horst,
Judy Nixon, DiTa Ondek, Ronn Orenstein, Laurie Hanley Raba, & Liliana Thelander

Monhegan Days Art Exhibit info

18 Artists & photographers investigate the island loved by artists and photographers for a hundred years. Come see the island through new eyes. Our talented contributors include:
Marcia Brandwein, Albert Bross, Sandra Dunn, Steve Dunn, Dale Dapkins, Peggy Farrell, Virginia Forrest, Claudia Noyes Griffiths, Kay Hannah, Melanie Howe, Lydia Kaeyer, Jan Kilburn, Deborah Kozak, Sally Loughridge, Nancy Lovley, Judy Nixon, DiTa Ondek, & Helen Warner

Rock n Wave Web spot
19 Artists & photographers celebrate our rocky coast and waterside. Our talented contributors include:
Deena Ball, Gill Barclay , Judy Bernier, Jane Bowman,Marcia Brandwein, Albert Bross , Jr., David Cadbury Bill Curtis, Julie Cyr, Dale Dapkins, Claudia Griffiths, Jan Kilburn, Tom Kostes, Deborah Kozak Sally Loughridge, Judy Nixon, Betsy Palmer, Marnie Sinclair, Polly Steadman

the Boat Show blurb

20 Artists & photographers join us at the Gallery to celebrate the waterside life of coastal Maine through it's boats, buoys, floats, and docks. Our talented contributors include:

Gill Barclay, Jane Bowman, Stephen Busch, Julie Cyr, Virginia Forrest, Claudia Griffiths, JoAnne Houlsen, Deborah Jellison, Lydia Kaeyer, Tom Kostes, Deborah Kozak, Patti Leavitt, Nancy Lovley, Judy Nixon, Petrea Noyes, Elizabeth Palmer, John Snyder, Axel Stohlberg, Al Trescot, and Dick Webster

Small Gifts Show 2016

Featuring the Artwork and Photography of —
Geoffrey Bladon, Dianne Dolan, Virginia Forrest, Paula Horton, Jan Kilburn, Tom Kostes,
Patti Leavitt, Sally Loughridge, Nancy Lovley, Judy Nixon, Brooke Pacy, Betsy Palmer,
& Helen Warner

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